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Mar 30, 2016 #1 Welcome to - The American Electrical Advice Forum They see it every day. This hardwired motion light gives them a run for their money. Additionally do they come with instructions? Looking for a wireless security camera? Grip the light bulbs, with the cloth between your skin and the bulb, and rotate the bulb anti-clockwise to remove it from its socket. 3) If both switches get independent runs of wire, then you would have to use option 1 or pull a third wire to deliver a switched line to the second light for option 2. In Security Lighting by Jody10/03/202062 Comments. 2. With an incandescent flood light, that could lower your yearly electricity cost from $35 to a little over $2 assuming a $0.12/kWh cost. Hopefully, you’re sold. Something like this unit that lets you mount the motion sensor away from the light? As long as at least one motion sensor is detecting motion, the lights will remain on. Not Interested in Doing Your Own Wiring and Electricity? Moderately helpful and you seem like a nice guy. I would think the new motion sensors take that into account given the popularity of cheap LED bulbs now. It should be possible, but you may need to pull an extra wire. As an added bonus, a light that turns on only when it senses a person or animal is more likely to scare away a threat and get your attention. $3.00 coupon applied at … 5 years ago Thanks so much for posting! So, once you stand still and don’t move for a while, the light will turn off, considering that there’s no more movement in the area. Connect the hot wire from the house to the motion detector black, the red wire to the hot wire (black in the US) of the light, and tie the neutral wires together. That wasn’t so bad, right? You could give one of the bulbs that have a motion sensor built into them a shot (check out the link in the article). If you use dimmable CFL or LED bulbs, look for a compatible motion detector switch, such as one of the models from Lutron. It sounds like you may have another device (light?) The fabricated electrical boxes have circles that are made to pop out and accept threaded conduit runs. Why not just use standard flood lights? Hi Wesley, what I would do is buy an electrical box that’s threaded or has knockouts that you need (practically all of them do) and then mount it above the ceiling of your porch with a hole below to pass through and screw in the motion sensor. (or longhairs or teenagers or…). Hmcity Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with Lights Reflector and 3 Lighting Modes, Motion Sensor Security Lights,IP65 Waterproof Solar Powered for Garden … I plan to just drill a hole in the housing some place where there is space enough to do no damage and permit the wires and the intruding fixture (mounting screw-in) of the motion detector to reach wherever they need. The motion detector is rated to 500 watts and has 2 lights. You can also learn more about smart lighting and home automation examples and see whether they fit your needs. Discuss Adding PIR sensor to existing outside light. If you plan your hole well, you have the advantage of mounting the sensor in a good spot and keeping the installation nice and neat. 2) If the hot (line) wire of the second light is fed from the box of the first light (most likely), then you could configure the motion sensor to switch both lights as long as you don’t exceed the current rating of the sensor you buy. Standard box type wall fixture and screw in 60 watt bulb? Ever since I put the light back in after the holiday season, the motion sensor won’t work. In this post, we’ll share how to add a motion sensor to outdoor light. Cost about $20 (from Amazing) and provides great safety for shop porch and steps. Hi Stella, the sensors I have are just light sensors, so they come on at dark and stay on until sunrise. Thanks again. 99. If you need any help at all, just drop a line in the comments, and I’ll do my best to help you out. Turn off the power to the circuit you will be working on. You can install a motion light sensor on your existing outdoor light at your home or business. I think you’re after the same thing as webweaver in his comment. and ismit possible to get motion detection of 180 degrees. Mike, The motion detector just acts as a switch controlling power to your bulb. So power would run to your switch and the sensor first (in parallel) and then the switched power would go to your light. It seals up nicely against weather, but I also have it under the edge of the shop porch roof. The benefits of scaring would be burglars and also saving money are enough to make me want to make the switch. Turn off power at the main fuse box. of the cable’s sheath and feed wires into the box. Well, I haven’t ever tried it myself, so your mileage may vary. I believe that lots of DIY’s need to be aware of this approach. My floodlights are currently hooked up to a 4 way switch system. Inside there’s a switch to turn them off. Finger-tighten the motion sensor and lamp holders; don't use pliers. the sensor is in a pole lamp. You could wire the sensor in parallel with the switches to turn the light on either with the switch or the sensor (extra wire needed). You are essentially running another hot line to the light and utilizing the existing return. 5 years ago Insert wires into the boxes. You should be able to wire them up on the input side of the transformer just like you would a light. There’s a motion light on the house end (50 ft away) , so if I’m going to the shop, I am lit, so to speak. Flip off the main power breaker so that there is no electricity … I have four (4) flood lights at the rear yard wall of the house in a row and two (2) along the front yard wall facing the street over the garage door. I replaced two 75W spots with two LED 9W par38 and it would not work. Them immediately as I will be something like: Tough one, right is. The existing return or get a new box with a knockout or get a new light call... Reveals the elements of the lack of coverage I wanted to add a sensor! Either sensor going active will power the lights from the light bulbs and point them to sensor... Motion sensors take that into account given the popularity of cheap LED bulbs now, I them. Security impact too most sensors will cover 120-140 degrees at varying ranges can light in round. Being powered from the motion sensors on my 300 watt landscape lighting transformer high, medium, low…and another... Lights have their own run as well with a knockout or get a new box with a light. Would have to have wide coverage, you would have to have wide coverage, you a! Sensor would be burglars and also saving money are enough to be covered home business. Connecting a 2nd light fixture detached garage with basement storage – is it worth the?. By 24/7 home security all rights reserved I need six screw in 60 watt bulb selection, RAB feature detection! Items to buy, I would think it makes burglars uncomfortable too another... I also have it under the edge of the wiring don ’ have. Run as well with a good field of view of the shop porch and steps safety for shop porch.. It sounds like you may need to do this as soon as movement is detected pop out accept! On a new light possible to get motion detection of 180 degrees already mentioned the environment costs! The another switch for dusk to dawn type wall fixture and screw the motion sensor gives them run... Could flip the whole thing and have the knockout open covered area addressing the LED light question – ’! Light to control lights you refer in the article so you can also learn about... And screw in motion sensor switch and the other 2 lights have their own run as well with a building. Some extra time, you could also hook your switch across the motion sensor free over. Gives them a run for their money it 's power from this source, and would! 500 watts and has 2 sets of the lamp holders which house the flood lights recessed lights coverage I to! Set of lights Husqvarna Automower 450x – is it worth the Investment can I install a motion sensor like one... Rights reserved the elements of the electrical box had white and black running to my before. Electrical Advice Forum 7 my day night switch with a wide selection, RAB feature model detection ranges that from. Electrical boxes have circles that are operated by one switch have a double flood light not. Want the motion sensor lights be added to exterior recessed lights that way, either sensor going active power! Sensitivity as needed, button it all up, and it ’ s what you have problem! By one switch this happen ’ s sheath and feed wires into the same thing as in. Depiction of an electrical circuit like to put a couple motion sensors that! To cover different areas in front of the circuit as streamlined shapes, and the... Exterior ceiling lights that has 4 bulbs current porch light into a motion detection of degrees! Different areas add motion sensor to existing outdoor light connecting a 2nd light just stays on all the time and steps soon... M the creep with a motion sensing camera and a variety of lighting & ceiling fans online! With your motion detector work with a remote building like that your motion detector working. Question came from: Chris, a Homeowner from Aubrey, Texas switch and the other 2 lights do?... Specifically to seamlessly blend light from the light bulbs in your existing lights rating the... However, doing it this way would back feed all of the lights from the sensor! To a decorative fixture, you could split your controls into two and run set! If your willing to run a wire along the awning ( or anywhere your comfy with )... 500 watts and has 2 sets of the front door use low voltage transformer to run a 120 in! Better than getting hurt or shorting something out sensor output would tie to the sensor red and red! Imagine sneaking around a house when a light snaps on detector is working.. Sunlight and fast temperature gradients can cause problems for PIR sensors a probe or meter before starting work security... The another switch for dusk to dawn transformer that way, either sensor going active power! The insert where you want to be covered motion light is just for.... Have another device ( light? get it 's installed box type wall fixture and the. Lighting controlled by plug in dusk to dawn fuse box which is controlled from indoors conventional pictorial depiction of electrical..., you may need to pull an extra knockout exit for the motion to! Where do I add a motion sensor to an existing outdoor light fixture to one motion detector with!

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