Championship Schedule (Saturday 10/29/16):

Mitey Mite

  • Watertown (R) v. Watertown (B) 11am

Junior PeeWee Sugar Bowl

  • Dexter v. South Jefferson 1pm

PeeWee Sugar Bowl

  • Fort Drum v. Beaver River 3pm

Junior PeeWee SuperBowl

  • Lowville v. Watertown 5pm

PeeWee SuperBowl

  • Dexter v. Watertown 7pm
Greater Watertown schedules by division:

Tiny Mite 2016

Mitey Mite 2016

Jr PeeWee 2016

PeeWee 2016


Regional Schedules/Brackets:

The Eastern Regional Brackets have been posted.  No Greater Watertown Mitey Mite teams will be advancing.  Please follow the links below for Jr PeeWee and PeeWee team information:

Junior PeeWee